"Music is enough for a lifetime, but a lifetime is not enough for music"

Lessons for Piano

This section will discuss the importance of learning to read sheet music, as well as learning to play by ear. Selecting the proper piano "teacher" is also crucial to learning to play the piano well. That teacher need not be a person. We'll discuss the benefits of using piano lesson software and books versus the old-fashioned way: hiring a paid-by-the-hour piano tutor. This may still be the best option for very young students, but most adults will benefit from an approach that promotes self-study. We recommend that you use a "virtual piano teacher" in combination with videos, computer software, music games and lesson books. Here you'll find a package of just such a collection designed for the beginner but challenging enough for the intermediate to advanced musician.


Here we will provide you with a collection of videos to help you learn and enjoy your piano lessons. Some are provided as "inspiration" while others give direct piano instruction. Be sure to come back frequently to view the latest videos that we have hand-selected just for you!

The internet is a resplendent resource with so many helpful and intriguing sources for knowledge. As you learn more about playing the piano, be sure to explore our collection of piano- and music-related website links.